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Halloween 2019 Pokémon Center Merchandise

Each year the Pokémon Center in Japan release a line of adorable themed merchandise to celebrate Halloween. This year’s theme is Halloween Festival and the collection features some classic and early generation Pokémon in adorable festival costumes!

As is tradition this collection features Pikachu but this time Pikachu is cosplaying his arch nemesis (or biggest fan), Mimikyu! The set also include an adorable Celebi plush and a super cool plush of Lucario dressed similar to Sir Aaron from the beloved movie Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.

Pokémon Center Halloween 2019 Plushies
Pokémon Halloween 2019 Pikachu Plush 1
Pokémon Halloween 2019 Lucario Plush
Pokémon Halloween 2019 Lucario Plush
Pokémon Halloween 2019 Lucario Plush
Pokémon Halloween 2019 Celebi Plush
Pokémon Halloween 2019 Celebi Plush

All the plushies featured in this year’s Halloween Festival merchandise are extremely detailed and expertly made with the highest Pokémon Center standards. As always stocks are extremely limited so order fast and don’t miss the chance to get your hands on this awesome Japan exclusive Halloween Pokémon Center merchandise.

Pokémon Halloween 2019 Keychain Plushies

There’s also a selection of Pokémon Keychain Plushies and Rubber Charms in the Halloween Festival collection. They all have super cute little details that we can’t get enough of!

Pokémon Halloween 2019 Squrtle Keychain Plush
Pokémon Halloween 2019 Bulbasaur Keychain Plush
Pokémon Halloween 2019 Charmander Keychain Plush
Pokémon Halloween 2019 Zorua Keychain Plush
Pokémon Halloween 2019 Rubber Charm
Pokémon Halloween 2019 Rubber Charm

This year’s Halloween Pokémon Center merchandise is released on September 7th but usually sells out within hours of launch. The plushies are especially sort after so we recommend you place your pre-orders well before the 7th to ensure you get yours.

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Halloween at MCM Comic Con

London MCM Comic Con is next week! We’ll be your one stop shop for all your Japanese candy needs. We’ll have the latest Pocky, Kit Kat and the only place to find Halloween snacks and Pokémon Centre merchandise at Expo! You can find us at Booth 3912, just right of Entrance N5 in the North Hall.

IMPROTANT INFO: Not going to Comic Con? You’ll still be able to order the latest and greatest Japanese snacks from our site but please be aware orders made between 24/10 – 31/10 will be dispatched on 01/11. Please bear this in mind when ordering Halloween products, place orders as soon as possible to receive them in time for Halloween!

Whatever you’re doing for Halloween we hope you all have a safe and enjoyable night and if you’re visiting MCM Comic Con, make sure to stop by and say hi!

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