Welcome to the Something Japanese Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ for short). This page contains all the questions you should need to know about our site, products and how to order. If you want to know more about our Reward Points please visit REWARD POINTS FAQ. If you need informatation on Privicy and Cookies please visit PRIVICY, SECURITY AND COOKIE POLICY.



What is Something Japanese all about?

Something Japanese operates online and at events all around the UK, we sell Japanese snacks, Figures and even traditional Japanese products. We’re dedicated to bring you only the very best products from Japan.

Do you only have an online shop?

For the time being and due to current world events, the best place to get ahold of the latest Japanese snacks is our store.

How does SomethingJapanese.com get its amazing products?

By a combination of traveling to Japan ourselves and purchasing products directly from local vendors and getting manufacturers from Japan to deliver goods to us in the UK.

How do I find English ingredients and allergy information of your snacks?

You can find all ingredients information for a product in the section under a products images. You can also find information for allergies and dietary requirements in a products description also. If you still have any concerns for whatever reason please feel free to contact us at any time.


Do you offer bulk/ wholesale orders to business customers?

Due to the scarsity of some of our products and the increasing difficulty of importing international products due to current would events. We do not offer wholesale/ bulk discounts on our products at this time.

What are your Shipping options?

UK – Tracked 48: This option is for customers in the United Kingdom only, after we dispatch your order you will usually receive it within 2 working days. (a lot quicker then purchasing from international vendors). You will also receive a tracking number that will be added to your account once you order has been dispatched.

International Air Mail: All international orders are sent via a tracked airmail service. Like with UK orders, you will also receive a tracking number that will be added to your account once you order has been dispatched. If you need to know the ETA of deliveries to your region we recommend you visit the UK Royal Mail website where you’ll find all the information you need on international deliveries.

Do you send anything else to my address other than my order?

No, we do not send any pamphlets, leaflets or any other kind of advertising to your door. You will only receive your order.

Are there any taxes or extra charges?

There are no sales, vat or any other taxes and extra charges added to your order.

I don’t live in the UK will I need to pay import tax for my order?

Your order will be dispatched from the UK, if you are ordering from outside the EU you might incur import tax, we will always accurately fill out custom information for foreign orders. So if you’re charged import tax on an AmaiBox or any order from SomethingJapanese.com we will not be responsible for it.

My order is a surprise gift for a friend, can you deliver it to them but email me?

Special delivery instructions need to be given to us when you make your order. There is a ‘notes’ section during payment of your order; that is where you should add any instructions. Alternatively, if you forget to do this please contact us asap.

I’ve moved, can I change my delivery address?

If for whatever reason you need to change your address before your order has been dispatch or mid AmaiBox subscription all you need to do is contact us. Just give us your order number, name and your old address as well as your new address. We will send a confirmation email back to you once your address has been changed, if you do not receive a confirmation email within 2 days please message us again.

How do I check the status of an order?

You can check the status of an order by visting the MY ORDERS section in your account.

I live outside of the United Kingdom, can I still order from SomethingJapanese.com?

Of course you can! Something Japanese appreciates that we may have products you just can’t find anywhere else so that’s why we offer worldwide postage. Just make sure you select the right shipping options in your cart, if you have any issues or further questions please feel free to contact us.

Do you offer a tracked delivery service?

Yes, all orders made on our site are sent fully tracked.

How quickly do you dispatch my order?

We usually process and dispatch your order within 48 hours. Pre-order items and AmaiBox subscriptions are dispatched on a set day of the month.

What currency are prices on SomethingJapanese.com

All of our products are listed in Great British Pounds (GBP)

What form of payment do you accept?

We use PayPal because it’s the safest and most reliable form of payment on the Internet. Our customers also like PayPal because you don’t even need a PayPal account to pay for you order you can pay directly with your card.

Will you share my email address with any third parties?

No, your information is very secure with us and we will never share anything to third parties. We may send you Something Japanese updates, promotion material and news via email which you can opt out of at any time.

Can I Refund my order?

Unfortunately we cannot refund orders once they’ve been dispatched, this is due to possible tampering of the food which means we cannot resell that product.

Can I cancel a Pre-order?

It is possible to cancel Pre-orders of item such as Pokémon Center goods, you have up until 4 days before it’s release date to cancel. You cannot cancel your Pre-order after the release date so please consider this before placing your order.

If you would like to cancel your Pre-order please just contact us and tell us your full name, Order ID and which item you would like to cancel. We will then process a full refund to you.

Do you ship to a PO Box Address?

Yes we can ship to PO Box Addresses.


I’ve ordered an AmaiBox why has it not been dispatched immediately?

The AmaiBox is a monthly subscription service and is dispatched on a schedule every month (usually the 28th of each month), if you’ve placed your order before the 20thth of that month your AmaiBox is being prepared to be send to you. If you have ordered after the 20th of that month it may be sent the following month. if there is an unforeseen delay in dispatching your AmaiBox you will be contacted immediately, this is extremely rare though.

I’ve got specific dietary requirements, can you assure me my AmaiBox will be suitable for me?

If you have any dietary requirements (example: Vegetarian) or allergy concerns (example: Nut Allergy) this needs to be given to us when you make your order. There is a ‘notes’ section during the payment process of your order; that is where you should add any instructions. Alternatively, if you forget to do this please contact us ASAP.

For customers with extreme allergies of nut, soy or other commonly used food ingredients. We don’t recommend ordering this product as it’s often very hard to know if a product has trace levels of a specific ingredient or manufactured in a factory where that ingredient is also used.

I’m half way through my AmaiBox subscription, can i refund my order?

If you have ordered the AmaiBox mini or GIGA for either 3 months or 6 months your order cannot be refunded after your first AmaiBox has been dispatched. This is due to the discount saving you’re getting from ordering a multiple month AmaiBox plan, once your first AmaiBox has been dispatched you are obligated to complete your entire subscription.

Our goal is to make every AmaiBox as good or even better then previous boxes so you never need to worry you’re not getting the absolute best snacks Japan has to offer.

Do you offer a Vegan AmaiBox?

Unfortunitly due to to the lack of variety and difficulty to get high quality Japanese snacks that are also suitable for vegans, we don’t offer a vegan box at this time.

I’m new to the AmaiBox, do I get the same snacks every month or does it change?

The contents of each months AmaiBox will be different. We want you to try as many different Japanese snacks as possible and to get the most variety out of your subscription. Please let us know if you particularly liked an item and we will try including it in future AmaiBox’s.