Pokémon Center Halloween 2021

Pokémon Center Halloween 2021 Pumpkin Banquet banner

To celebrate Halloween 2021 the Pokémon Center have created some adorable merchandise for the spooky season! Called Halloween Pokémon Pumpkin Banquet, the theme revolves around our favourite Poké protagonists receiving a mysterious invitation to a banquet hosted at an old mansion, deep in a dark forest. Our Pokémon friends are dressed up in their finest Halloween themed outfits to enjoy the Pumpkin Banquet! A full list of merchandise can be found at the shop now link below.

Pokémon Center Halloween 2021 Pumpkin Banquet artwork

As always, we’re exstreamly excited for each year’s Pokémon Center Halloween collection. Merchandise will only be available at the Pokémon Centers located in Japan for a short time and with the current world events this merchandise will be extremely sought after. so don’t miss the chance to pick up this awesome piece of Pokémon merchandise! We’ve got loads more exciting plans this Halloween so watch this space!

Pokémon Center Halloween 2021 Pumpkin Banquet plushies