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What is Ramune Soda?

Ramune Soda (ラムネ) is a traditional Japanese carbonated soft drink that is both fun and tasty! The unique shape of the bottle and the way it is sealed with a marble makes it both fun and rewarding to open. Traditionally drunk at Japanese festivals Ramune Soda has become extraordinarily popular in Japan and with lovers of Japanese culture.

The iconic Ramune Soda has been enjoyed in Japan for over 100 years! Ramune was introduced to Japan by Alexander Cameron Sim, a Scottish born Brit who, in 1869, moved to Japan and started the company AC Sim Shōkai. Sim’s company specialised in the import and distribution of medicines and other medical supplies. Two and a half decades later Sim introduced a carbonated tonic based on lemonade to Kobe in the Hyōgo Prefecture. This drink was called “mabu soda” (short for marble soda) and quickly became popular in not just Kobe, but the whole of Japan! Later renamed Ramune, this icon soft drink has remain pretty much unchanged since 1884 and has become a world wide phenomenon.

There’s even a Ramune Soda Museum – 清水ラムネ博物館 located in Shizuoka, Japan. As well as a look back at the history of Ramune, you can even find rare flavours only available at the museum, how cool is that!


Remove cap from the plastic ring affixed to the top of the bottle.


Place bottle on a stable surface and push the cap into the top of the bottle to release the marble.


Remove cap and enjoy traditional Japanese Ramune Soda!

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