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One Punch Man Blu-ray Giveaway

If you haven’t seen One Punch Man the story revolves around Saitama, a hero with unmatchable strength. Saitama is so strong his battles against foes only last ‘One Punch’ until he literally splatters his opponent against a wall, thats where he gets the name One Punch Man. Because of this strength Saitama gets praise and admiration from a young cyborg named Genos that lost his home to an evil cyborg. Looking to Saitama to learn how he got so strong, Genos becomes Saitama decibel and student. They go on the hunt for the one who destroyed Genos’s home and to become the strongest heroes.

One Punch Man is almost a parody of not only the superhero genre but of Shōnen anime/manga like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto. But turns it all on its head by making the lead so strong there is no challenge, in anime you know your main character is always going to win with an epic showdown but instead Saitama ends it in one punch. One Punch Man is refreshing and an absolutely hilarious anime and has become one of the most popular anime in Japan and the west. With its dry humour, both funny and exciting fight scenes and endearing characters.

MangaUK have brought One Punch Man to UK shores with an amazing collectable box set including the One Punch Man series Blu-ray and 6 hilarious OVAs. One Punch Man would make a perfect 1st anime for anyone wanting to get a friend or loved one into anime but also an ideal addition to any anime veterans collection. All of us over at Something Japanese have given One Punch Man a 10/10 and has been our favourite anime release in years!

You can find One Punch Man here: One Punch Man Blu-Ray Collection

And you can find our One Punch Man Chocolate here: One Punch Man Crunky Chocolate

The Giveaway

We are giving away a copy of the One Punch Man Blue-ray collectors edition and three of the limited edition and highly sort after One Punch Man Crunky cookies and cream chocolates from Japan. Entering is simple, follow us on Twitter @SomethingJapan and RT the tweet!