This page if for persons and/ or companies looking to make large orders (bulk/ wholesale) with us, this includes orders over £800 GBP. Please read through the information below carefully if you’re considering making a large order with us. Please Contact us immediately if you have any questions that are not covered here.

I’m looking to make a large order, do you offer lower or combined shipping costs?

Yes it may be possible to offer lower shipping costs, we are also able to use different couriers and delivery methods, so if you have a preferred shipping method please Contact us

Do you offer discounted prices on larger orders?

Most of our products are offered at their lowest possible price. We are often able to combine shipping costs, see the above question or Contact us.

Are there any extra charges/ taxes on an order?

All prices displayed on our site are their finally price, all you pay for is the product/ products and their shipping costs, we cover taxes and PayPal fees. If you’re ordering from outside of the EU you may be charged import tax which we are not liable for.

Can I change or refund my order?

On orders that fall under the ‘Wholesale & Bulk Order’ bracket (orders over £800 GBP) a large deposit will have to be made with our factories/ distributors to ensure we can protect and fulfil your order. Due to this on all large orders (orders over £800 GBP) 20% to 30% will be held as deposit and is non-refundable. Items such as merchandise that fall under a tentative preorder may become subject to a larger percentage deposit which will also be non-refundable, please bare this in mind before making your order or Contact us.

How long does it take to process a refund?

Once one of our team has confirmed your refund is being processed it can take up to 30 days for your refund to be returned to you, please note part of your refund may be held by us indefinitely due to deposit costs. Please see question (Q. Can I refund my order?).

Is my order guaranteed?

Larger orders are harder to source, if there are any immediate issues with fulfilling your order you will be contacted by us within 2 working days explaining this. We also hold the right to cancel your order at any time if we are unable to fulfil your order.

Is product ETA guaranteed?

Every preorder item will have an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) on their product page, this is when we expect the items to be with us and ready for dispatch to you. All preorder dates are subsequent to change and preorder ETA changes are often due to manufacture delays.

If you didn’t find the answer you were looking for please Contact us