Umaibo Puffed Corn Stick – Chicken Curry


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Umaibō (うまい棒) which means “delicious stick” in Japanese, are a puffed corn snack. Umaibo are similar to British Wotsits or American Cheetos, only larger and come in a huge variety of weird and wonderful flavours. For many years Umaibo have been Japans most popular Dagashi (small candy) snack and they received even more notoriety after being featured in the anime and manga series Dagashi Kashi. This is the Chicken Curry Umaibo, it has an authentic and strong curry flavour but not too spicy.

Manufacture: Riska, Yaokin
Product: Puffed Corn Stick
Size (stick): 11cm x 3cm

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Corn (not genetically modified), Vegetable Oils and Fats,
Sugars (glucose, sugar), Spices, Chicken Powder,
Creaming powder, Breadcrumbs (wheat, Protein Hydrolyzate,
Yeast Extract Powder, Salt, Seasoning (amino acids etc.),
Fragrance, Acidulant , Sweetener (sucralose), PH Adjuster,
Emulsifier (derived from soybean), Turmeric Dye.

Allergy Advise
– Contains milk products
– Contains Wheat products

Although this product does not contain nuts itself it’s produced in a factory where nuts are also used.

Dagashi Snacks

Dagashi (駄菓子) is a term used to describe small Japanese candy often purchased by kids with their allowance similar to snacks found at a Tuck shop in England. Dagashi Snacks are perfect add-on items and with extremely low delivery costs, they’re best way to try even more delicious Japanese candy!

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