Shimi Choco Corn Chips – Christmas White Chocolate


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Shimi Choco is a popular puffed corn snack from Japan. Shimi Choco is uniquely tasty because each star shaped corn chip has been dipped in delicious milk chocolate!
This is the limited edition Christmas White Chocolate Shimi Choco. Inside the beatifully designed festive Shimi Choco bag you’ll find a scrumptious selection of white chocolate Shimi Choco stars. With the Christmasy bag and special edition white chocolate flavour, this tasty treat would make an ideal gift this Christmas.

Manufacture: Ginbis
Product: Crisps (Corn Chips)
Weight (contens): 55g

Suitable for Vegetarians

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Vegetable fats and oils (including soybeans), sugar, corn grits, whole powdered milk, cocoa butter, lactose, cheese powder, butter oil, salt, wheat flour / emulsifier, Ca carbonate, fragrance.

Allergy Advise
– Contains milk products
– Contains wheat products

Although this product does not contain nuts itself it’s produced in a factory where nuts are also used.