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Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Candy Bento Box


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Inside this Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Candy Box you’ll find everything you need to make exciting candy Bento Box! What can be more icon than a Japanese Bento lunch box, being featured numerously in Japanese media like manga and anime, have you ever wanted to make your own Japanese Bento? Nows your chance to do just that! In this awesome DIY Candy kit you’ll be able to make mini candy Onigiri (rice balls), Tamagoyaki (egg), Karaage (fried chicken), Tako (octopus sausage), Spaghetti and Broccoli. DIY Candy is a really awesome way of getting creative and creating treats you can eat. DIY Candy can look complex, especially when all the instructions are in Japanese, that’s why we’ve included handy instructions in English so you can easily put together some amazingly fun and tasty candy!

Manufacture: Kracie Popin’ Cookin’
Product: DIY Candy
Size (box): 13cm – 15cm

Suitable for Vegetarians

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Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Candy Bento Box How to

sugar, glucose starch, corn syrup vegetable oil fat lactose, dextrin, milk protein white milk processed milk processed milk dexpens acid, calcium carbonate, fragrance, gelling agent (sodium alginate), colouring agent (squid, Calcium sulfate, sodium caseinate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium pyrophosphate, emulsifier, (including milk ingredients · soybeans in part)

Allergy Advise
– Contains milk products
– Contains soybean
– Contains wheat