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Pokémon Halloween Circus Rubber Charm


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To celebrate Halloween 2016 the Pokemon Center has created some awesome merchandise for the spooky season! Dubbed the Pokémon Halloween Circus, many Pokémon have been given a distinct Circus/Carnival feel. This is the Pokémon Halloween Circus Rubber Charm set, there are ten charms in total to collect which feature Pikachu, Eevee, Espeon, Umbreon, Pumpkaboo, Drifloon, Electrode, Joltik, Meloetta, Plusle and Minun. When bought you will receive a blind box that will have one for these ten Pokémon Halloween Circus charms, sadly we are unable to give you a specific charm. The charms themselves included a phone charm attachment allowing you to attach them to your phone or portable game console, they are very well made using ridged rubber that wont break or shatter and being made out of rubber they wont scratch or break your phone or console screen. These items can only be found at the Pokémon Centers located around Japan and the fact they are special seasonal merchandise makes them extremely sought after because once they’re gone they are gone for good so don’t miss the chance to pick up this awesome piece of Pokémon merchandise!

Manufacture: Pokémon
Character/ Series: Halloween Pokémon 2016
charm size (approx): 7 cm
Selection type: Blind box/ Lucky dip

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This extremely rare product was sourced from the Pokémon Center stores in Japan by Something Japanese staff. This product was only available at a few stores in Japan for a very limited time which makes it almost impossible to find outside of Japan. We’re very fortunate to be able to offer you guys Pokémon Center goodies and once they’re sold out they’re gone forever so don’t miss out!

This is an official Pokémon Product. This product was purchased from the Pokémon Center in Japan by Something Japanese staff.