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Pokémon Grookey Plush


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Pokémon Sword and Shield is soon to be released which will feature all new generation 8 Pokémon! And here we have one of the cuddly, cute Gen 8 starters Grookey in plushie form! This is the first piece of merchandise for this adorable grass type starter and would make a perfect addition to any early cosplay or for just having the bragging rights to be one of the first people around to get their hands on a Grookey plush! The plushie itself is beautifully put together which is a standard you can expect from Pokemon Center merchandise. This item can only be found at the Pokémon Centers located around Japan making it extremely rare and sought after because once it’s gone they are gone for good so don’t miss the chance to pick up this awesome piece of Pokémon Sword and Shield merchandise!

Release Date: 02/11/2019
Dispatch Date: 25/11/2019
Postage: Fully Tracked
Manufacture: Pokémon
Character/ Series: Pokémon
Size (approx): 20 cm

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About This Pre-order Item: This is a pre-order for the first piece of official Pokémon Center Sword & Shield merchandise. Pokémon Center merchandise is next to impossible to obtain after it has been released due to how sort after and limited the merchandise is. That’s why we give you the opportunity to pre-order and guarantee that you get yours! If for whatever reason we cannot fulfil your preorder due to unforeseen circumstances (Pokémon Center manufacturing delays, the item selling out etc.) we guarantee a full refund of your pre-order. When dispatched we will notify you via email, tracked postage is also included in this order and we will also send you all tracking details so you can track your order to your door.

This is an official Pokémon Product. This product will be purchased from the Pokémon Center in Japan by Something Japanese staff.