Fit’s Gum Peach Halloween


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This is Fits the ultra popular chewing gum with super long lasting flavour. This special edition Halloween Fits juicy and delicious peach flavour features creepy cute artwork by Japanese artist Sebastian Masuda on each box and each box contains 12 pieces of individually wrapped gum which is perfect for sharing. This is a must have for any Halloween and peach fans this spoopy season.

Manufacture: Lotte
Product: Chewing Gum
Size (box): 8cm x 5cm

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Gum Base, Sweetener Mannitol, Aspartyl Alanine Compound, Acesulfame K, Acidulant, Fragrance, Softener, Processed Starch, Colouring, Vegetable Pigment, Thick Polysaccharide, Gelatin

– Contains gelatin products

Although this product does not contain nuts itself it’s produced in a factory where nuts are also used.