Evangelion Wafer Cookie Set of 3


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These awesome wafer cookies come from Bandai and include a collectable card inside from the Rebuild of Evangelion movie series. There are 37 different shiny metallic plastic cards in this set featuring absolutely gorgeous artwork from the new Neon Genesis Evangelion movies. You will find one card in each packet, the card comes in its own sealed plastic sleeve to keep it in mint condition. Also in each pack you will find a tasty wafer cookie which has a filling of delicious vanilla creme, that accompanied with the cool collectable card makes this an amazingly awesome treat. When purchased you will receive 3 Evangelion Wafer Cookie, this is an ideal product to purchase if you’re trying to complete this set and cheaper then buying individual packs! This is a blind pick item and there is no way of guaranteeing what card you will find inside, there are also two packet designs in this set and when purchased we will try and give you an equal number of the designs while stocks last.

Manufacture: Bandai
Product: Wafer Cookie
Contents: 3 Cookies & 3 Cards
Size (pack): 9cm x 15cm

Suitable for Vegetarians

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Flour, Vegetable Oil, Sugar Dextrose, Lactose, Egg,
Skimmed Milk Powder, Starch, Salt / Emulsifier,
Expansion Agent, Wheat.

Allergy Advise
– Contains wheat products
– Contains milk products

Although this product does not contain nuts itself it’s produced in a factory where nuts are also used.