Evangelion Bikkuriman Cookie


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Released with a wave of awesome candy merchandise to tie in the new Evangelion Movie, these are the Evangelion Bikkuriman Cookies! Inside each pack you’ll find a delicious chocolate filled cookie and a bonus shiny collectible sticker. There are 24 stickers to collect which feature iconic Bikkuriman style art of Eva Mechs, Characters and Angels from the soon to be released movie. Bikkuriman Stickers or ‘Seals’ as they are referred to in Japan are highly collectible with some classic sets selling for thousands! In the past Bikkuriman have done promotional tie ins with previous Evangelion movies and those sets have become extremely sought after. So don’t miss out on collecting this awesome new Evangelion sticker set!

Manufacture: Lotte
Character/ Series: Evangelion
Product: Chocolate
Size (packet): 9cm x 12cm

Suitable for Vegetarians

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sugar, flour, vegetable fat, whole milk powder, lactose cacao mass, peanuts, whey powder, cocoa powder, starch, shortening, salt / emulsifier (derived from soybean), swelling agent, caramel colour & flavour.

Per pack (23g)
– Energy: 118kcal
– Protein: 1.4g
– Fat: 5.7g
– Carbohydrates: 15.3g
– Salt: 0.07 g

Allergy Advise
– Contains peanuts
– Contains wheat products
– Contains milk products
– Contains soybean products

This product contains peanuts and should not be consumed by anyone with even the slightest nut allergy.