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Ditto Eevee Socks


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This ongoing collection is inspired by the The original Pokémon anime, episode 37 – Ditto’s Mysterious Mansion (メタモンとものまねむすめ). In this episode Ash and the gang run into the performer and cosplay extraordinaire; Duplica and her Pokémon Ditto. Ditto can usually transform into any Pokémon but as is discovered by Team Rocket when attempting to steal the Pokémon later on in the episode, this unique Ditto has a problem with faces… and no matter what can’t seem to quite get them looking right. Well everyone loves an underdog and the vacant look on this Ditto was endearing and an immediate classic. The Ditto collection features a variety of much loved Pokémon with the oddly cute Ditto face. This pair of Ditto Eevee Socks are 23cm – 25cm, ideal for kids and woman’s feet. This is a very limited piece of merchandise so once it’s gone, it’s gone for good, so don’t miss the chance to pick up this awesome piece of Pokémon merchandise!

Dispatch Date: 14/02/2019
Manufacture: Pokémon
Character/ Series: Pokémon
Foot Size: 23cm – 25cm

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This extremely rare product was sourced from the Pokémon Center stores in Japan by Something Japanese staff. This product was only available at a few stores in Japan for a very limited time which makes it almost impossible to find outside of Japan. We’re very fortunate to be able to offer you guys Pokémon Center goodies and once they’re sold out they’re gone forever so don’t miss out!

This is an official Pokémon Product. This product was purchased from the Pokémon Center in Japan by Something Japanese staff.