Calbee Prawn Crackers Classic


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Calbee Prawn Crackers or Kappa Ebisen as they are known in Japan are crispy Prawn flavoured snacks that resemble french fries. Made from baked wheat flour and infused with Prawn, Kappa Ebisen are an extremely light alternative to potato chips.

Manufacture: Calbee
Product: Crisps (Potato Chips)
Weight (contens): 75g
Size (bag): 17cm x 21cm


These crisps are made by the company Calbee, Calbee are the biggest and best crisp manufactures in Japan! They also make some truly amazing commercials, please go onto YouTube and type in Calbee Commercials, we promise you wont be disappointed.. We’re really happy to finally bring Japanese crisps to the UK, ever since we first started travelling to Japan we were blown away by the quality of Japanese crisps. So we’re eager for you guys to try them yourself ^^

Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil, Prawns, Sweet Potato Starch, Corn Starch, Potato Starch, Sugar, Salt

Per 37.5g
– Energy: 483kcal
– Protein: 4.9
– Fat: 22.0g
– Carbohydrates: 68.5g
– Salt: 815mg

Allergy Advise
– Contains wheat products
– Contains Shellfish (Prawn)

Although this product does not contain nuts itself it’s produced in a factory where nuts are also used.