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Sakeru Gummy Candy Monster Hunter Honey Lemon

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These are the limited edition 15th Anniversary Monster Hunter Honey Lemon flavoured Sakeru gummy candy bags! Inside each colourful packet you will find 7 individually wrapped pieces of special honey lemon flavoured Sakeru gummy pieces, they are special because each piece of candy is printed with an image of different monsters with edible ink! In this collection there are 3 different packets, they are all the same Honey Lemon flavour but feature different monster on the front of the bag. When purchased a bag design will be chosen at random unless multiple are purchased then we will give you an even amount of each design while stocks last. Sakeru gummies have a very rich mouthwateringly fruity flavour and aren’t your run-of-the-mill candy, as well as delicious they’re probiotic! Similar to the famous Japanese health drink Yakult, each Sakeru candy is chock-full of good bacteria which can help your digestion and immune system. These gummy candy bags are tasty, fun and make a perfect treat for any Monster Hunter fan! So don’t miss out on trying the limited edition Monster Hunter 15th Anniversary Sakeru Gummy Candy.

Manufacture: UHA
Product: Gummy Candy
Size (bag): 10cm – 15cm

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Puccho Chewy Candy – Bubble Tea

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Puccho (ぷっちょ) are soft chewy sweets with flavoured gummy pieces hidden inside! These Puccho are sweet Bubble Milk Tea flavour, each juicy piece of Puccho has a mouthwateringly rich milk tea flavour and has gummy pieces embedded inside to give the same taste and texture as tapioca pearls! This is a very fun and delicious Puccho that has been exceedingly popular in Japan because of the popularity of bubble tea. Each stick of Puccho comes with 10 individually wrapped pieces, great for sharing, or even better keep them all to yourself.

Manufacture: UHA
Product: Gummy Candy
Size (box): 2.5cm x 10cm

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