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Japanese Kit Kat Easter Sale!

Similar to Christmas, Easter is celebrated by many people worldwide either as a religious Holiday and/or a great opportunity to spend time with loved ones and eat some amazing snacks 😀 and much like Christmas Japan has adopted this Holiday in it’s own unique way.

Easter falls pretty much directly in the centre of the Japanese Cherry Blossom Season every year, which gives companies in Japan a special opportunity to create some truly unique products and fun advertising opportunities. If you ever have the chance, we really recommend visiting Japan during Sakura season, with special events happening all over Japan and even a two month long Easter celebration at Tokyo Disneyland, it’s the perfect time to go!

We’re celebrating Easter and Cherry Blossom Season in our own special way here at Something Japanese with our Kit Kat Easter Sale! If you’ve ever wanted to try some weird and wonderful Japanese Kit Kat for the first time or want to stock up on your favourites, now’s the perfect time! We have over 15 delicious flavours for you to choose from. Sale ends April 17th so Don’t miss out!

From everyone at Something Japanese, we hope you have an amazing Easter filled with endless chocolate!

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