Japanese Word of the Week #2 Itadakimasu (いただきます) Gochisousama (ごちそうさま)
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Japanese Word of the Week #2

Hey everyone! We’ve got two fun Japanese words for you this week to make up for missing last week.

Following on from last times shop/ restaurant theme, what do you say after you’ve taken a seat at your restaurant of choice and finally get that delicious bowl of steaming ramen put in front of you? Itadakimasu (いただきます) which means Thank you for the meal. You would use Itadakimasu before tucking into your lovely dish to be polite and show gratitude to the chef.

You’ve probably heard the word “Itadakimasu” in a lot of anime and J-Dramas before the person saying it snaps their pair of chopsticks in two and tucks into their meal.

After you’ve finished your meal and you’re teetering on a food coma it is also polite to say Gochisousama (ごちそうさま) which also means Thank you for the meal but is used when you’ve finished eating.

Hope this gave you a bit of an insight into the many cool Japanese food practices, next weeks word will be spooky inspired in time for Halloween!